Waveform Won't Load

I have one track on an album which the waveform is missing and I get a flat line for the waveform. I tried re-analyzing the album, but it doesn’t seem to update the waveform. How can I load the waveform. Do I need to delete the album and reload it into Roon? If so, how do I select an album in a watched folder to load? I’m not clear how to select an album to load if it has been deleted from Roon.

Well, you can try re-analyzing the actual track. Right click on track, go to Edit, click Re-analyze. Can you play the track? I had a situation where Roon told me one of my tracks was corrupt and would not play. I used dbPoweramp to convert from flac to flac and that took care of the “corrupt” issue.

Deleting a local album from Roon will alter your watched folder by deleting the file in your directory, so don’t do that unless you intend to re-rip the album or track or have a back-up copy.

Prior to 1.1 I used to move the album from the watched directory to desktop and then into Roon (after a restart) to force a reanalysis. I doubt that would now achieve anything that re-analyse doesn’t, but might be worth a shot if nothing else works.

could you send us the file? contact@roonlabs.com

I have the same problem. Background analysis sticks at the last 120 tracks or so with no progress. Starting/stopping/close/reopen does not help. Cannot see or identify which files this might be. So I have turned off the background analysis for the time being.

I figured out what was happening. I had a few tracks from this album converted to ALAC in my iTunes folder. Roon was including the ALAC track into the album instead of the AIFF tracks. I deleted the ALAC files from iTunes and re-analyzed the album and all is well!