Waversa WStreamer

does anyone have experience with nucleus and Waversa WStreamer?

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I guess not……:sunglasses:

Care to share a link?

900 euros for that box is rather ridiculous. If you have not bought it yet, you may want to look at way better priced options. We could recommend.

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Hi man, the part should sound great, but 900 € are too much for me.
what would you recommend?

Have a look at this older thread of mine where folks on here recommended some options.

There is also a new kid on the block now from iFi - Zen Stream

The Bluesound Node is also recommended.

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Have a look at the Zen Stream from iFi.
£399 in the UK and works beautifully.
Supports Roon, HQPlayer, Spotify Connect, Tidal connect, Airplay and Chromecast (coming soon). USB and SPDIF out as well.
I use it to feed my Zen Dac and Fiio K5 Pro.
I have been very happy with it.


I knew you were gonna get on this :beers:

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Raz once again you beat me to the post :grin:

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I’ve used one - stunning little box. Waversa gear is not well known, yet, but it will be. Outperforms Primare NP5 and the Bluesound products in outright performance.


you mean it’s worth the 900 € ?!
is it sound so much better?
am about to buy such a part.

I own the Waversa WStreamer and am happy with it. I compared it against a RPI with HAT and a Naim UQ2 with rooUpnp and preferred the WStreamer over both. It is a nice little box which feels surprisingly substantial, especially compared to a RPI box. The sound improvement over the other two setups was not substantial but enough for me to make the investment (I bought the WStreamer before the recent price increase). The iFi Zen Stream looks like an interesting option (which did not exist when I bought the WStreamer) and certainly has better connectivity (e.g. Spotify Connect).
If you are based in Germany, there is a dealer that offers “test packages” and they will send you WStreamer for testing which is what I did.

don’t know if the Wavesra is really worth the money. have no comparisons with other streaming bridges. 900 € is already heavy for the part. does it bring little more in terms of sound than others?

If the insertion of a bridge device causes the sound to change, it or something else might be broken in that system.