Way OT: Graphical Mapping navigation of albums, artists, genres, etc

I use a graphical thought mapping tool called The Brain (any other users out there?). It would be amazing to be able to have an automated navigation of the meta data in a rapid fashion! This is such an “out there” idea that I am not even going to label it a feature request!

With The Brain software you record thoughts (could be URL, snippets, documents, notes, etc) and link them together either as groups (Types), hierarchies, and relationships. Its a bit hard to explain the power of it without trying it out (much like Roon!) This animated graphic shows a tiny bit.

Maybe it inspires the Roonies to think of a new music (not app) navigation tool!

EDIT: That is supposed to be an animated graphic, but not sure that it is moving. Here is the site:

There was a discussion along these lines about 18 months ago. I think Roon already contains the relationships between releases, musicians, labels etc. in its database, but I agree that visualisation would be great one day.


You uploaded a PNG file not the GIF.

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Thanks, i had done a quick copy and paste but that did not retain the GIF – appreciate you sorting it!

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Maybe something like this could be interesting for you (scroll to the bottom):

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Is this available now? Not on the App Store in UK.

The ArtistInfo App is available for a long time, but it does not interact with Roon. Maybe you can ask the developer to publish it for the UK.

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Yeah, I guess that in some ways is what Roon does today, but that app does have a good presentation. I had not seen it, thanks for the share.

I think like the screen on the right!

Have you seen the MusicMap site?

I think so, but not recently, thanks for the link!

Have you seen genre mapping:

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