WD My Cloud - library and Roon - connecting

This is probably a “WD My Cloud”-problem rather than a Roon-problem, but I do have an idea the people out here have more knowledge…

After updating to Windows 10, two of my hard drives has died. Probably not related to the upgrade, but you could guess what disks I had NOT a proper backup of…
So I decided to upgrade my music backup before one of those drives died as well…
I bought a “WD My Cloud 3 TB” and connected it to my system.
And it did seem to work, as in “all my computers could see “the cloud””

Backing up 1,5 TB took 5 days (which in itself should say that something is not right).

But the real question here, after I had everything backed up is, could I now “reverse” the way I handle my music"?
As in “no longer running Roon based on music on my hard drive but use “the cloud” instead”?

With all my local computers connected to the network, it seemed to make sense to “free up” my “music computer” and use the network functionality and run all the music from “the cloud” and use the “music computer” as backup…

Neither “the cloud” or Roon seems able to help me with this. And if it is totally impossible, I could probably spend my time much better doing something other than trying to make it work…

Before I started using Roon, I believed myself to be just a little bit computer savvy… now I am wondering if I even possess the basic skills needed for turning on a computer…


The WD Cloud is not the best specified NAS device * I know that some people have had issues with them.
That said there was this post Configuring a WD My Cloud for SMB instead of AFP [Solved] which details how one Roon user is now using a WD Cloud with Roon using a Mac. The important thing is that it must use SMB and not AFT to share it resources … but as you are using Windows (not OSX) you’ll get a SMB share but default anyway.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

1.5TB in 5 days … if that was via a 1GB wired network it is way too slow, however via WiFi then may be.
I don’t recommend WiFi connections for anything other that portable devices … but I know when needs must etc. etc.
How is your network configured?


  • QNAP and Synology tend to be the market leaders and hence are very popular with consumers and thus have good crowd sourced support on forums etc.)

Also see this. There is a view that you are actually better off with a local music library than putting it on a NAS.

That’s very true and good advice.

Though Roon are aware and working a “fix” to overcome the real time file modification notification issues on NAS devices.

So maybe the advice to the OP should be stay as your are with a DAS and consider moving to NAS once Roon has released the “fix”.

Thanks for your quick response here :slight_smile:

I was afraid the WD Cloud was not the best thing out there… but the price was impossible to beat.

I have probably done something wrong with the setup anyway. I’ll read through the other thread and see if that solves the problem.

As for my system setup it is just very basic “keep all my music in one place” - setup at the moment.
One computer with 5 discs functioning as the “storage unit” (and main work unit), with 2-4 portable computers, 2 pads and 2 cellphones with partial access to the shared (music) folders.
Everything done wireless (exept from the WD Cloud to router-bit) (as the cable is just a few feet to short to reach comfortably from the router to the computer :slight_smile:
150/15 mbps internet connection with a 300 + 867 mbps router.

I was thinking it might make sense to use the WD Cloud for storage and playing music as all the computers access it from time to time… to free up the main computer. (On the other hand, that computer SHOULD be able to handle more or less anything you throw at it… so…)

I¨ll try this out for a while and see if I can make it work… If I cannot improve speed and performance, I’ll just “upgrade” the WD Cloud to “first line backup for important files” and keep working from the computer disks.

Eagerly awaiting that Roon “fix”, though. :slight_smile:

I use a WD My Cloud 2T NAS to store music. Roon looks for files there. Works good, I guess it’s not optimum - there is apparently better equipment available and maybe local storage is preferable. Where would storage on an external usb drive fit into the picture? Better than NAS or not? Same as storage on internal HDD or would usb connection be deleterious?