WD My Cloud NAS smb shared folder path Nucleus

Just installing a Nucleus for the first time today and the clients music resides on a NAS drive. I am trying to add the correct path for the Roon software to recognize it but I am on a mac and the mac only is showing an afp shared folder.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi @Mark_Kirsch ---- Thanks for the report!

Let us know if the instructions found here help and if further assistance is required just drop a “flag” for support in your response (i.e @support) and a team member will be glad to lend a hand.


I think you missed the part where he is setting up a Nucleus. I’m pretty sure Nucleus and NAS would fall within the minimum specifications.

I agree! doh :flushed:

But I did read the second half of his two sentence post! Still, he should be fine in a read only mode to his NAS, but any loading and editing are gonna be painful.

I recommend a large HDD to conect to your nucleus for music. Keep the NAS strictly for backup.

A large SSD conected to the Nucleus is probably faster, but Roon is more than capable of smoothly playing music stored on a NAS over 1Gbps ethernet. I’ve never had any hickup whatsoever. There’s no cause for troubling the client with all this.

I said the loading and editing on a NAS was painful, particularly a MyCloud. I had several hiccups on a MyCloud as a music source whenever it was doing more than one task. Now that is doing what was intended for it (backup primarily), it is much better.

Probably right. People tend to shoot the messenger.

I can imagine you are having issues with your NAS. Particularly with the MyCloud, which is not a full featured NAS [1]. Just saying that in general Roon with music stored on a NAS works pretty well.

I agree that you should only use a NAS for what it’s meant: storing data. Don’t try to use it as a general purpose computer. That being said, this fits pretty well in the Roon architecture, because it never edits your files. Loading a music file is well below the network throughput for a NAS with a gigabit ethernet connection.

To get back to the OP’s question, most NAS management consoles have a means to figure out the network path of a shared drive. It might be as easy as replacing afp:// with smb:// but it is best to check with the manufacturer’s documentation.

EDIT: I see the OP is also using a MyCloud. So John’s experience is definitely relevant. I suggest he tries the instructions in [1] first and reports back.

[1] https://kb.roonlabs.com/FAQ:_I’m_having_trouble_setting_up_my_NAS