WDR2 Live Radio Not Working

Hello All,
it is incomprehensible that Roon( not exactly cheap) makes delightful offers that are neither possible nor verified. In another post I asked for a solution how I can receive radio stations via Roon. The function is offered but when I want to use it I get the following message:

A third point to which I’m still waiting for an answer is that my TEAK AI-501DA is suddenly no longer recognized by Roon!!! How can this be? I have not changed anything in my configuration. All other devices work fine…

I see from that thread that you haven’t answered the questions from Support, so it’s not surprising that your issue has not been pursued further. Please answer the questions and then Support will be able to further diagnose the issue.

I’ve also moved your post into a new topic in the #live-radio category of the forum for investigation.

That station works for me.

Can you play other stations alright? What about
Superstereo 2 a flac station

US here, station works for me.

There’s an older thread @Ulrich_Gressler with a similar problem:

This issue was likely due to ffmpeg codec. Marking this one as solved, but if you still need further assistance please open a new thread @Ulrich_Gressler , thanks!