We have 'play from here' but 'play next from here' would be so useful!

Many times I find myself wanting to have ‘play next from here’ so the current song wont be interrupted. I’m aware of the add playlist/album next option but sometimes I want the album or playlist to start from a specific song onwards and (more often) sometimes (like with artists “top track”) there is no ‘add list next’ option at all.

Here it is!
You have to go to settings > play actions and customize “Tracks in albums” switching on “add next from here” like this

What you get clicking on track title is this

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I should’ve bought a lifetime membership :stuck_out_tongue:

But wait - why isn’t it available for ‘view all tracks’ (from an artist page)?

Roon used to have (imho) a beautiful play interface - you picked (a) what you wanted to play (eg selected track or tracks, “from here onwards” etc etc) then (b) said how you wanted it played, now, next or at end of queue.

When they removed this elegant design and replaced it, first with something, and now in this version, something else, it just comes across as a kludge imho, having 7 buttons to control play, ha…I wish there was option to go back to old style.

OK it’s a good idea to add instant play buttons for convenience, but they could have kept the nice interface as well…

Just my 2 cents…