We need an Alphabet slider in the Android App so browsing a medium-large library doesn't take 50 swipes to get halfway through

This is a really basic feature that Plex has had for years on every mobile app.

I have 1000+ albums, and I think a lot of others are in the same boat. I like to browse and find albums I haven’t listened to in awhile, but manual scrolling takes forever to get through the library. Edge scrolling ala Plex is great, intuitive, and there’s absolutely no reason for roon not to have it. It’s really hard to believe it doesn’t exist in the mobile apps yet, when it’s such a basic feature.


Same with iPhone :raising_hand_man:t2:

Amen to that

And a +1 from me.

Yes, we do very much want this! Very much so.

Has this in any way been implemented yet? I dropped Roon 2 years ago for this reason + lack of “download album” and/or away-from home streaming from server. Wondering if things have gotten any better in the meantime.

In the Android tablet version there was a virtual keyboard that was very handy but removed with IIRC Roon 1.8. I would like it back :slight_smile: and, yes, maybe an alphabet slider for the phone version

Hell yeah … on Android, that is …

Yes ages ago, you can use the quick scroll slider to show alphabet for artist or albums or dates

True but I find it quite difficult to grab the slider, and then it only shows the first letter that you scrolled to, you can’t jump to an arbitrary place. The virtual keyboard we had (on tablet) before 1.8 was much nicer

I don’t exactly seem to get what you’re having trouble with.

As soon as I touch the screen, the scroll slider shows up.
If I put my finger next to it I can start dragging it.
While dragging the slider the capital letter of the section I’m in is shown and I stop within that section wherever I desire.

I understand though, that the larger the library, the smaller the slider and swifter the scroll through sections become.

I’m not home right now and can’t try, but regarding the scroll slider as it exists, IIRC I find it clumsy that I first have to drag to make the scroll slider show up and then have to move the finger to the scroll slider to continue dragging. It’s just not a terribly smooth thing in my view. But ok, it is there.

Nevertheless, I still miss the virtual keyboard that existed on tablets and was lost for no reason with 1.8, which allowed me to jump not just to D but directly to Dyl or whatever, just like I can with the keyboard on the Windows remote