We seem to be living in a golden age for independent artists with a thriving live music scene

Hi, this is my first post here. We seem to be living in a golden age for Independant artists with a thriving live music scene.
I take advantage of this by regularly seeing new live artist and buying their CD’s after gigs. It’s great to also be able to chat with them and get to know them, keeping in touch via social media.
I am discovering some of the best quality music I have ever heard in terms of writing, performance live and recording.
Plenty of artists are pledge funding their efforts with great success and I can see this increasing as the way forward.
The streaming companies should be active in supporting this vibrant area of the music business if they wish to establish their credibility. I am often disappointed when searching for new talent on Tidal and see this as an area ripe for improvment.
Untill then, I will keep buying CD direct from the artist, it’s good to know they are getting the profits although this makes it harder for them to leverage their efforts.
This ironically keeps the business honest. If they want to get paid, they have to go to work and do what they always dreamed of doing, which is playing their Art to an appreciative audience.
Thoughts to start a ball rolling, Chris :slight_smile:

Eddies in the time space continuum again?


EDIT This thread was in the latest category which is what my post refers to. i realise that by replying it will look like its me who is being silly replying to an 8 year old thread.

Welcome to the forum Chris!

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8 years was. A long ripple across space time :joy: but the independent live music scene needs your support than ever now.
It’s strange that as I woke up this morning, random thoughts crossed my mind as to how I am often offered comps to see live bands due to my work at The Little Rabbit Barn but almost always decline and pay my ticket, knowing how much artists need the revenue from tickets and merch sales.
So my plea to everyone is, go to gigs large or small, meet the people, meet the artists, sign up to mailings and buy some merch & get involved… Music needs you… and it’s fun too…