We want your ideas for Playlists!

Yes - you’re using the Queue list, which since release 1.4(?) displays both tracks that have been played as well as upcoming tracks.

Roon also has a History list (look under the main menu - it’s listed under Playlists and Tags). That’s the one that creates Playlists in reverse order. These days, I now realise, it’s not necessary to use the History for Playlists - just using the Queue will do everything that is required.

Well the list I use is per zone, I guess the history you are referring to seem to be global, so maybe there is merit in them both.

Apologies for confusion due to wrong terminology :slight_smile:

Queue’s can be flushed. History cannot, or at least, not easily. You’ve been playing stuff and leaving in queue for a week, someone else in the house clears it all out to “start fresh”.


Good point. Thanks.

There’s a funtion in Adobe Lightroom that sorta works this way. There is a “live” or temporary playlist, and you just touch B to add whatever to it. You can later save it out as a permanent playlist or clear it. Very handy for building groups as you scroll through material.

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My wish would be a fade out/fade in option only for livetracks in playlists or radio mode. As Roon reconizes livetracks that should be possible.

i never thought i would like a radio-option through my library, but i love it. :slight_smile:


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Are there any players integrated with sonic styles, rather than streamers / service providers?

what do you mean by sonic styles?

I was responding to a post by an ex Gracenote executive much further up the thread. He was making the point that roon would need to invest in a lot of advanced AI and machine learning for successful autoplaylists. Similarly for other smart-list handling I would have thought like discovery and radio. Gracenote have already made that investment in something they call Sonic Style. Looks like something they probably sell to the streamers and content providers. I was asking if there are any players they sell to so you can have a similar experience with a local library.

thanks Tony- I’m familiar with Gracenote Sonic Style, but wouldn’t have thought most end-users would know that term.

This type of functionality seems to be sidestepping the consumer market initially. Here is another one.


This drives me crazy. Because Roon will not allow the reading of tag track ratings, I have spent countless hours translating my 5 Star ratings to Favorites in Roon. And I’m not even 1/2 done with my library. Should be user selectable (Roon Ratings/Tag Ratings).

Than the Focus or Playlists will actually have some value.

Not to mention the bug when I’m playing songs and favoriting a track and it removes…I redo it…it removes it…I redo it and it removes it. Ugh


Quick note: that bug is only visual and not in the database. At least when I’ve seen this bug, the track is actually designated a favorite, but the heart goes back to the outline. If you close and reopen the application, you’ll see it is actually favorited. So at least you don’t have to drive yourself crazy wrestling with Roon.

Thanks James - I will consider that going forward and verify it. But it should be fixed by Roon

It certainly should. My gut feeling is that the next Roon release other than a few bug tweaks will be a big overhaul - at least mobile and Qubuz integration – because they are not releasing obvious bug fixes right now (this one, the image crop in the display mode resulting in headless musicians, etc.). They must be really busy and don’t want interim releases.

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Here is my 2 cents on the playlist: I believe it’s time to do something with them, anything, doesn’t matter what, just do something! This post is almost 3 years old!!!


PLEASE provide a feature to create Playlist Folders. It’s standard on iTunes! I create many playlists. It would let me keep all playlists for 2018 in a folder and avoid scrolling forever to find a playlist.


Dynamic playlists would be great and the choices need not be complicated to implement. Simple interface allowing 1 or more pick lists (Boolean operations underneath)

We’ve got the metadata, it would be nice to harness it and get creative!

Being able to sort existing playlists by date created and/or modified would be a welcome addition.


Probably already said somewhere as this is a long chain or responses – but track based genres would improve playlist by boatloads – that’s a technical term but means a alot :slight_smile:


the data is available!