We want your ideas for Playlists!

Not directly.
You can use the focus tool to select from your library and then bookmark the focus.

Hello Craig,
That is a very neat idea. I would love to be able to select pieces by composer AND musical key for example, that would be very great!

I had suggested some time ago that being able to cross selections by (adequately populated) tags, would be a very good way to select music. if a tag would be auto filled with musical properties such as key, tempo, minor or major, etc…, that would enable a universe of interesting comparisons!
Love that perspective, hope such concepts could gain some traction.
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And possibility to save a result in playlists of course.
Post Scriptum - Playlists and Tags must gain a nested structure possibility else it easily becomes unreadable.


Roon’s ability with the metadata… to effectively have “cross functional playlists” would make for an awesome sharing/discovery feature. Add in the ability for people to “upvote” or thumbs-up a playlist would be great.

Whether the song is on Tidal or Quboz… or if from someone’s local collection, if it could not find the track and simply skip it.

I think if you use Decades for Playlist selection would do.

When I was in Audirvana and iTunes there was a nice way to make a new Playlist. First I created a Playlist and chose an appropriate name for it. Next I opened a folder in the Finder (on the Mac) that should have a place in that Playlist and dragged this folder to the created Playlist. In this way I could add more files till my Playlist for that moment was complete. Later on I could return to that Playlist and add more files.
So I had a Playlist with music from India. All my music files are on different places on several external Harddisks. In the way I described they are brought together in an Playlist named India.
Thank you for ROON with her beautiful interface and appearance that becomes more useful and beautiful how longer she lives,
Stay in good health,
Michel Goldsteen

I would like to see an option for selected favorites added to the menu bar on left.

This is an good idea. Thank you

Could there please be a way of locking a Playlist to prevent reordering of an existing Playlist.

The basis for many of my Playlists is the set list from a Live event by an artist or band. This can cross selections from different many albums & collaborations etc., e.g. Paul Simon taking from his years of solo work and Simon & Garfunkel Albums.

Here the order is important, and, in use, I can too easily reorder a playlist, being left handed.
So can you introduce a lock on a Playlist once created.

Check out how Audirvana implements playlists. Lots of options. I actually create my playlists in Audirvana and then export them to use in Roon. I really hope Roon improves on this truly lacking feature. I’ve 100+ playlists and use them extensively.


ability to share a playlist, for [insert what you want]’s sake! Is it too much to ask?


1.8 adds the ability to sort by more options (I think) but only within a playlist not in the overall playlist view.

The ability to find newly added playlists would be most helpful, still.

Agree, along with shareabled edits, bookmarks etc. If only…

Just check with competitors how they handle playlists (Audirvana, Spotify, etc).
Anyway, at least put back the function of 1.7 where you can see at tracks (album view) whether they are included in a playlist !!!


I didn’t go through all 314 posts from all 4 years of this thread. If this has been asked for, please add my voice to the request.

Please, please, please warn me if a track already exists in a playlist when I try to add a track to a playlist. If Apple Music and Spotify can do it, so can Roon. The Qobuz app also lacks this feature, but I’m sure Roon can do better.


Here is a recent thread on Playlist feature requests

Playlist Feature Requests (post 1.8) - Roon Software / Feature Requests

So many years have passed since - and Roon is missing some essential features commonly found in other tools. Why is this? From the Roon team members comments I see you hardly use playlists at all - though it is heavily used by users. And especially also from potential new customers for Roon coming from Spotify, Apple Music etc.


Biggest usability problem I have with Roon’s Playlists is that its not possible to tell if an album or a song is already in a playlist without searching the playlists. I want to be able to see Playlist association(s) on the top of level of info about a song or an album. As a consequence of this UI oversight, its easy to add duplicates to a Playlist. Why would anyone ever want duplicate entries of the same song/album in an album? Anyway, I sure don’t. I see there’s a feature to expose duplicates in a Playlist, but I’d also REALLY like the choice to not create duplicate entries in the first place. Since Playlist associations are NOT shown at the top level of the song or album, I’m constantly creating duplicates without meaning to. Please help!!!


Roon is currently working on the return of this function. Put on some music while you wait :wink: :musical_note:


Sounds very interesting to me. Maybe I could do the same. Roon “says” they want our ideas for Playlists, but it’s been 5 years and nothing has happened as far as I can tell. I conclude Roon doesn’t give a s##t about Playlists or Collectors (as opposed to Surfers) for that matter.
How do you export in Audirvana and import into Roon???