Weakest Link? i5 Roon Core machine > SBT Streamer > NuPrime DAC > Vincent integrated > Canton speakers

I think my weakest link is my “streamer” in this situation, but would love to get some thoughts from you good folks here. I put this together relatively quickly with things I already had somewhere in my house already. Looking to “invest” in upgrading now…

High-level digital flow
iMac > Squeezebox Touch (SBT) > NuPrime DAC10 > Vincent SV237 Integrated amp > Canton speakers


  • Roon Core: iMac dual core i5 16GB RAM running Roon in separate room it is dedicated to just Roon and connected via ethernet
  • Streamer: Squeezebox Touch (SBT) connected via ethernet in equipment rack, running the “Enhanced Digital Output” USB out to DAC
  • DAC: NuPrime DAC-10 USB input from SBT analog out (unbalanced) to integrated
  • Integrated amp: Vincent SV237 hybrid tube/solid state analog in (unbalanced) then out to speakers
  • Speakers: Canton Chrono SLS 790 (also have a Sumiko S.9 sub to supplement bass - integrated like REL)

I’m primarily listening to Tidal, but I have a fair amount of high-res files I plan to add to the mix at some point. I’m thinking I should consider replacing the SBT with a SOtM sMS-200 Neo or Sonore opticalRendu solution. But maybe that isn’t my weakest link? What do you feel is the weakest link in my streaming setup?

Does the Roon core run with no delays or drop-outs, etc. Does your system play the resolutions and file types you want? Does it sound good to you? Why do you think there is a weak link?

Fair questions. The only issue I’m having is I use my iPhone to control and the app crashes a ton - I’ve uninstalled and re-installed, but ran into issues again today. But that’s not an issue w/ the system. I haven’t noticed any issues at all w/ delays/drop-outs, etc. System is playing everything Tidal throws at it, but nothing higher-res has been tested yet (haven’t put my high-res files on a drive that is connected to my network yet - lots of DSD, etc.).

For the past 10 years, I’ve primarily listened to vinyl in my system…I’ve only dabbled in digital/streaming off and on. It sounds very good to me as-is right now, but I’d like to see if I can get it to sound even better - so my question was aimed at getting some opinions from folks here to see if there were any suggestions on where to focus next.

There is always “something better” out there for every component. Whether you can perceive any improvement is SQ is another question.

I agree completely - just looking for some opinions based on others’ experiences, that’s all.

I spent a couple hours tweaking my speaker placement and listening last night - made some significant progress and things are sounding much better to my ears. The most effective way of improving sound - and it’s free :smiley:

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Typically loudspeakers are the weakest link.

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The streamer is likely the least important component as to SQ in your set up. It is more like relay connecting Tidal or you NAS to the DAC which does the heavy lifting. I wouldn’t bother…
My single best investment was the HAF room correction that substantially changed my SQ more than any other component short of the speakers.

Agreeing with @KMM, I would look at room correction. Speakers are normally the weakest link, but those Canton speakers look pretty good according the NRC measurements, courtesy of SoundStage! (I have not listened):

SoundStage! Measurements

Is there something in particular you are trying to address?