Web based interface

Would it be possible to introduce a web based interface to control roon over my local network.

Having different functionality based on what operating system I am using (android smartphone Vs windows laptop) is frustrating.

If there was a single web based interface that offered all the functionality of the full roon app it would make life so much easier.

I am not talking about the web based interface being recognised as an endpoint but purely from a remote control point of view. All major streaming services currently have a web based interface instead of downloading and installing a full blown app.

There is a web controller available as an extension. You might review Extensions, what you need to set them up, etc in the Tinkering section.

You don’t state what differences frustrate you are … but the majority of differences are down to screen size rather than OS.

On small screen devices the app runs in “mobile” mode on large in “tablet” mode.

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And on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A it can’t make up it’s mind whether it wants to run in mobile or tablet mode and is a mishmash of both!

If I could have full screen functionality it would be great.

You can force this in android, in developer options change minimum width to at least 781.


Get a tablet then, you don’t have to spend much to get a decent 10inch Andorid that will solve your problems. Phones real estate just isn’t big enough for the full Roon experience. It would be nice to have a proper web UI but not essential.and won’t solve the main issues of a small screen. I use my phone 99% of the time and find it’s perfectly fine.

Wow thanks for this. Great workaround.

Still be better if there was a native solution.

The whole point of my issue is not to have to use another device when controlling roon. I have an iPad but I don’t want to have to use it when I should be able to access the EQ settings from my phone.

This is what the DSP presets are for. Create what you need and save them. Then you can activate them any time on mobile devices to any zone. What are you doing that needs you to constantly need to change EQ on a zone? You changing per track or album?

I know what presets are and how to use them. But unless you are willing to set an individual preset for any of the millions of EQ variations they are useless for tweaking aren’t they. I am talking about having the ability to change some of the parameters of the EQ on the fly. Not set and save a preset on my laptop or iPad for when I want to reduce some 2250hz harshness by 1.3db.

Sounds like you have a very specific use case then, I don’t know anyone who uses eq in that way all the time, but I see your point.

It seems this is the driving force for your web interface request … a means to an end perhaps rather than having a web interface per se. I was going to point you towards this topic but I see you have found it, post and voted for it. :+1:

Personally I think there is more chance of Roon enhancing the functionality of their app when it’s running on small screen devices rather than them developing a new browser based portal that offers functionality provided by their application when run on large screen device.

Just my view, only time will tell.

Yes you are correct. My web based request was to ensure global functionality.

I will do the ‘minimum width’ workaround for now.

Seriously can’t thank you enough for this workaround.

Made a huge difference for me, needs to be a standard feature.

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Totally agree. Should be able to turn your phone horizontal to access additional functionality.