Web Display not sharp enough


The words of web display on chromecast 1 connecting my Sony 4K TV is not sharp. Is there any setting to fix it?

Even if you were using the Chromecast Ultra, our Displays feature uses HTML which Chromecast renders at 1080p max.

If you were using the Ultra, the upscaling would be done by the device instead of your TV, but it’s hard to say whether that would make any noticeable difference here – it’s still not going to be natively rendered at 4k.

So this mostly comes down to device limitations of Chromecast right now, unfortunately. You may be able to render Displays on your TV at higher resolution using a web browser + a device that’s not a Chromecast, but for now we wait and see if the next generation of Chromecast Ultra addresses some of these limitations.

Thanks for the feedback here!

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Thanks mike. In fact sweb display on the firefox of my Sony TV looks sharper than Chromecast 1. Its apparently more blur on Chromecast 1. Is that normal?

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