Web display not showing up in list of Displays

Roon Core Machine

ROCK 1.8 (build 1021) on NUC10 i3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ROCK (hardwired to) TP-Link TL-SG108 switch (hardwired to) Starlink router
Windows 10 PC (WiFi to) Starlink router

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos Play:1 (WiFi to) Starlink router

Number of Tracks in Library

93 tracks (just recently setup)

Description of Issue

I have opened a web browser using the URL shown in Settings → Display. But the web browser does not appear in the list of available displays. It just says “No available displays.” I have tried both Chrome and Edge Chromium browsers.

Screenshot shows Roon app (left), Chrome (upper right), and Edge Chromium (lower right), all running on the same Windows 10 PC.

That’s odd. I notice that there’s a ? icon showing in both the web displays - something that I don’t see in my web displays. What happens if you click it?

It’s just a link to https://kb.roonlabs.com/Displays#Web_Display

I assume that your ROCK/NUC is at IP address

Yes, it is. Otherwise, that URL wouldn’t even work, right?

The question mark is totally normal. It’s always there until the web display gets linked to a zone. It also means that the browser(s) are actually connected to a Roon Core and working as expected so far.

Maybe a restart of the Core can resolve the issue? On the other hand, other users reported strange things happening when using

in certain configurations (Phantom IP connections in Roon logs). Maybe worth to check your router configuration?

Thanks @BlackJack - I live and learn something new every day… :grinning:

It’s an odd issue though, I’ve never seen this reported before - perhaps it is router-related…

The Starlink router has almost no configuration to speak of, and is done entirely from their iOS app. It does show me that the ROCK device has the expected IP address ( What else, specifically, should I be checking for?

BTW, in every other respect, Roon is working as expected: apps on Windows 10 PC and iPhone both work, playback on Sonos is flawless.

So you did restart your Core and nothing changed? If you can’t configure your web display, then something is usually blocking the communication with the Core. As you use ROCK, we know for sure that no firewall or other blocking software runs on your Roon Core – you have to look elsewhere in your network to find the culprit.
I don’t know anything specific about starlink routers. If information from the other thread doesn’t help you, maybe they have a support hotline you can contact.

PS: You can also look for anti virus software on your desktop Windows 10 PC that might block communication.

Restarted the Core, and all seems to be good now. Thanks.

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