Web Display only shows Roon Logo

Please help resolving the below issue:
Networking setup: Core running on a Qnap TS-1277, latest roon version installed. Firewall: Pfsense.
Symptom on all of the below browsers: empty black screen without any user interface elements, showing only a big roon logo, nothing else. No interaction possible, nothing else displayed.
Firefox under Win7
Chrome under Win7
Firefox under Linux
Safari under iOS 11.x

Under Win7 I checked under Settings > Display > Displays that the web browsers are shown correcly. Activation not possible, since no buttons or other user interface elements available for that.

Now it works after I found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ3PHKmoRaE
You have to click on the volume control icon (loudspeaker with a number) in Roon.
Above the slidebar there are icons, you have to click the first monitor kind of icon on the right side.

Feedback to the developers: I do not see why a display function is supposed to be activated under the volume control user interface element. From user point of view this is the last place where I would look after it.
Another problem that different user interface elements corresponding to the same function “web display” is scattered around in different places within roon. Please put at least a shortcut to the activation part directly from Settings > Display. This is what I call bad user interface design.

This is where you can access a number of zone controls – not just volume and Displays but also DSP, Zone Transfer, Zone Settings, and “stand by” controls for some devices.

By including these frequently used controls in the volume popup, it’s easy to access them from anywhere in the app. They’re always a click away, whether you access them from the footer or from the zone picker, where you can access these controls for any zone in your home.

We have a new version rolling out now that shows a help link on the web display the first time you launch it, since you’re not the first person to miss the 2nd step here. More details on our Knowledge Base, but I’m glad the video was helpful here.

Thanks for the feedback!

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