Web Display + Play/Pause

Okay, I know it is called “Display” and not “Control”, but I still think a simple play & pause option would be valuable to many. Not taking away from Mike’s Roon Web Controller extension, but in most cases I don’t need that much control. I would just like a quick way to pause playback in a zone.
This feels like a simple option to enable “Pause Control” as a selection option on a Web Display, similar to the way you “Enable lyrics”.
I’m sure there are security issues with allowing API or Web Service calls on the current incarnation of the Web Display, but wanted to put it out there as a desired feature request.

Anyone else see any value?

I would suggest that you search the Feature REquest section to see if it is already a request and add your vote. If not, then make a Feature REquest for it.

You are absolutely correct. I kept looking for a feature request category, and somehow never saw that it was a section under Roon Software category. I have moved this to the Feature Suggestions. Thank you for the observation.
I did search, and didn’t see anything, but maybe the search is section specific. I will try again and try to delete this post if I find something similar.

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