Web display setting resetted

Hi guys
Am I the only one that VERY frequently have to re-setup the web display settings?

Frequently my setup was lost!!

Maybe, if you could spare a couple more words about your set-up and to describe exactly which web display settings get changed?

Disclosure - mine stay put as I set them with the following set-up …

Roon Core:
Silentmaxx Kenko Mini S5 fanless PC
Asrock B460M
i3-10320 4x 3.8/4.6GHz
2x 8GB DDR4-2666
Samsung M.2 970EVOplus 500GB 3.5GB/s read 3.3GB/s write
Samsung USB-DVD and USB3-SSD
Win11 home auto-start
Roon server auto-start
Logitech Media Server
Ethernet cable
Asus DSL-AC68U
WLAN router
Ethernet cable
o2 HomeBox
VDSL 50 MBit-down / 10 MBit-up


Living Roon:
Roon core
Intona USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Isolator
S.M.S.L M300 Mk2 DAC
705.6/768kHz/DSD512 core up-sampling
variable balanced output
DIY FrankenAmp
2x Hypex NC400 with 1x SMPS1200A400
2x 200 Watt @ 8Ω
2x 400 Watt @ 4Ω
2x 580 Watt @ 2Ω
SNR: 125dB @ rated Power
THD+N: 0.0007% @ 1/2 rated Power
DIY full-range line-source speakers
25x 3" drivers per channel @ 8Ω
Speaker/room correction via REW and Roon-DSP convolution


Cooking Roon:
RPi3 B+ HifiBerry DAC HAT 7" touch-screen
Ropieee NG 5GHz WiFi
Creative SoundWorks 745


Bed Roon:
RPi 4 Model B 7" touch-screen
Magic Mirror OS Roon-bridge 5GHz WiFi to Ethernet bridge
Squeezebox Radio


Bath Roon:
Squeezebox Radio


Silentmaxx Kenko Mini S5 fanless
FLIRC USB remote receiver
All4one URC 7935 Streamer remote
Dell XPS13 9343
1+ Nord


Qobuz Studio:
Available in ROON and LMS

To be more specific about my web display problems:
The “display now” function is disabled by itself, the same thing for the “Start on display” function.
Other times I am forced to disable the “Enable Lyric” function (I don’t want it enabled, but it re-enables itself).

I notice this problem because I have a 10-inch display constantly connected and frequently it doesn’t work or the lyrics start on their own.


As I said, be more verbose about your setup!
What’s your core?
What’s your remote?
Which browser are you using?
… operating systems, versions, wired or wirelessly connected and so forth … come on, it’s not that hard … there are so many combinations, how should we know to better help you?