Webcontroller 1.2.8 broken


I installed 1.2.8 on my server and had it all running fine

Then I changed my endpoint to AL 0.8 headless and now web controller shows me a blank screen and does not recognise the endpoint it seems

I deleted /roon-web-controller/ on the server, pulled again from git and reinstalled/restarted still no joy

What error messages should I be looking for to help troubleshoot please?


BTW when I want to stop the service on the server, what command do I issue over SSH please?

I don’t know if it’s relevant but in the extensions dialog, it shows as ‘masked’

I don’t have any other extensions so not sure if this is normal

I’m having the same problem.
I migrated Roon Extension Manager to a new server as the old one was decommissioned.
I cannot ping to the local_IP:8080.
Flagging @Mike_Plugge

Can this be a firewall issue?

Thanks for the tip @Jan_Koudijs.
That solved the problem. :+1:

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