Weird 'activity' on SOTM200 when the DAC is off

I’ve noticed a weird occurence when I use my Sotm 200 Ultra Neo with LKS004 DAC (amanero 384 USB).
When I pause/stop the playback, the activity LED on the Sotm stops blinking, which is correct. However, when I then turn off the DAC, the Sotm’s activity LED goes wild, until I power on the DAC again. Any idea what could cause this behaviour?
I’ve already tried rebooting the SMS200/upgrading the software/rebooting ROON.

I see a similar behaviour with my sMS-200… Dont know what it’s broadcasting but it seems quite “chatty”

Weird, isn’t it? Even rebooting the SotM itself doesn’t help. At first I thought it was still playing something but no.
I wonder if anyone has this issue with their SMS-200.

Mine does the same, I think it’s just the normal behaviour.

I will have to contact sotm about this, it might be wearing out the SD card.

Definitely there is something not right, I can’t access the sotm admin page anymore either.

I’ve got a response from Sotm, when the DAC is turned off, the sMS-200 will keep searching for an output device, hence the activity.

My SD card have gone corrupted twice on my sMS-200ultra. Activity lights still work but Roon cant find it and it is not possible to reach it via web GUI.

I bought a new 16Gb class 10 SD card and followed the instructions on SOtM wedpage to burn a new image on the SD card after that it has worked fine again.

Weird, have you noticed any speed difference? I wonder if buying the best SD card would make it faster.

My SMS-200 corrupted the SD card twice. Probably because of a power outage. SD cards in SBC type devices are prone to that. That’s why many SBC devices now use eemc memory instead.

You can get a new image here -

I just went with what May at SOtM recommend and that was 16Gb and class 10. With this type of products it is worth thinking of powering it down correctly and wait some time before removing the SD card.
I have a Pi3 that I run Ropieee on and that sometimes need to have the SD card re-burnt as it seems to after several updates not work as it should. Just a re-image and everything is back to normal.
First time my SOtM sMS-200ultra did it I was a bit worried but not anymore as it is easy to fix.

I love May, very responsive and friendly.:wink:

Just saying that SOtM has pretty good custom support.

Yes May is very helpful when there are any problems.

Can confirm, May is very nice to deal with :slight_smile: