Weird behaviour with MOCK/ Naim ND5 XS2

I’m sticking this in tinkering as I am running a MOCK server so assume it doesn’t qualify as full support.

My MOCK system (Ryzen 3 mini PC) has been running fine for a few days but all of a sudden, when playing through the Naim ND5 XS2 it just plays albums in a completely random order. No rhyme or reason - it just starts at whatever track it feels like, plays a few others at random then kicks into Roon Radio.

If I select a track and ‘Play from here’ it will play that track and then do its own thing and if I click to cycle through tracks it also does so at random.

I have restarted Roon Server, rebooted the entire system, disabled and re-enabled the Naim etc and nothing makes a difference.

I have tested using my iPhone and PC as endpoints and bizarrely these work fine - they just play through the albums fine. I have also tried using my PC running W10 and Roon Server and this too seems to run fine. So, it appears to be some weird conflict between MOCK and the Naim although I have no idea how just this combination causes hiccups.

Of course I am not expecting a full diagnostic but does any have any ideas where I might start trying to fix the issue and has anyone experienced anything similar?

Even went as far as reinstalling ROCK but nothing

Then of the one thing I hadn’t tried was to reinstall the database. Should have perhaps started there :slight_smile:

All working now - what the issue was with the main and nothing else I have no idea but hey. Will keep an eye on it as I add more CDs to my local library.

Almost sounds like you had shuffle stuck on for the zone - I think that would persist even after a software reinstall.

Yes I did think that initially but two things suggest it is not that. 1/ I never use shuffle and it is not active as an option - don’t know why, never used shuffle in my life ever and 2/ it would not play the whole album at random, just play a few tracks of it’s choice and then kick into Roon Radio.

I suspect it was something to do with trying to set up an automatic back-up and then forcing it to do one straightaway. It was after this it happened so I wonder if it got corrupted somehow. The reason I didn’t think it was this was because it worked fine on other endpoints but an restoration of a slightly older database fixed it so there must have been a conflict somewhere.

Me neither, which is why I’m not that familiar with shuffle. But shuffle is set per endpoint, and it’s quite easy to inadvertently change something while exploring. I suspect we’ve all done it!

There is also the concept of ‘pick’ (?) tracks, which (automatically?) puts a tick next to certain tracks, and there is the option to play only these. Again, it’s not something I’ve explored, so not sure how easy it might be to engage inadvertently.

In any case… fixed now!

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Yes indeed - it was the completely random nature of which track it chose in what order. Very odd. But hey, you ain’t a tinkerer unless you have to fix stuff :smile: