Weird behaviour yesterday

My ROON suddenly began to loose albums in the tital integration yesterday. From some 6200 albums down to 3000 and then it began to count them up again but now it looks all weird in the sense that the recently added section now reflects ROON effort to recount and identify the albums lost and not the order with which I added them. Also ROON has been slower from my mac pro control point these last weeks! It simply seems less stable now. Really weird at first it functioned perfectly without a glitch

Also my ROON on my mac mini display 6174 albums while the room on my control point display 6400? Really weird. What has happened here…

And the albums I had hidden also now has reemerged so I have to do it again!!!

Hi @rasmussenmorten – sorry for the trouble here!

One thing you should be aware of is that starting in our upcoming 1.1 release, we’ll be changing how we handle import date for Tidal albums – going forward you’ll see the day you set the album or track as a favorite in Tidal, as opposed to when they were added to Roon. So, all your Tidal import dates should be set back to something more sensible once our next release goes live.

Can you check the General tab on Settings and confirm whether your Show/Hide settings are the same? It sounds a bit like duplicates and hidden albums are hidden on one install, but not on the other.

Also, can you let me know if things are looking more stable? If you’re still having issues and seeing some strange behavior, I’d be happy to take a deeper look and confirm that everything is ok.

Let me know the answers to the above and we’ll be sure to get everything worked out for you. Thanks!

HI Mike,

Thanks for your response. All seems stable now even if the dates have changed and a lot of albums now are listed as new. What was weird was that the programme kind of recounted all the tidal albums added. So instead of some 6000 albums - only like 3000 were listed but finally all seemed to fall into place again.

This is the only unstable experience I have had with roon apart from a bit slower reaction from the program after the latest update of the program a month ago….I have not changed any settings.

So if you like, you make check out the system to see if all is allright.

All the best,