Weird but true - Roon does not see a folder in my HD with a "." as a first character

Roon Core Machine

I5 8 Gb RAM running latest version

Networking Gear & Setup Details

music stored on a NAS 218j
all connections under RJ45 (nucleus to music) all players under WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

7800 tracks

Description of Issue

I was unable to find a specific record (Paolo Cafiso, live at La Casa del Jazz 2007) searching on my library under “Paolo”, “Cafiso” or “La Casa”. Results were always related to Tidal

Yesterday I found the moment to explore folders in my NAS and, oh, what a surprise, long time ago as part of my personal way of ordering things the miscellanious records (many interpreters) are under the VA folder (Various Artist). As long as I was using the Logitech Media Server and navigate by folders many times, and VA is before the three last capital letters from alphabet I started to apply a dot (“.”) in front of VA for making it visible at top.

All folders with the dot at the beginning are not visible by Roon. I swear. There were like 35 records “hidden” and unable to find out in Roon search

I have removed the dot ans I have seen the Album section of Roon app, ordered by “last submited” getting crazy adding records to my library

I wanted to share this as something I did not know (maybe all you know it :slight_smile: ) and also as something may be useful the other way around… To make invisible by decision some folders.

This is “standard behaviour” for systems derived from UNIX (e.g. Linux): prefixing a file or folder name with a dot character makes it hidden to the casual observer. Not sure that immediately explains why Roon isn’t seeing your folder, though - I suppose it depends what method it uses to find folders beneath a given parent.


thank you and sorry if I opened a nonsense thread or discussion on the Forum

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I use the underscore in front to sort VA on the top - ie. “_”.


An alternative, I didn’t consider it

Many thanks

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Happens every now and then…

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