Weird, ... but wonderful

I suspect all of us have a variety of weird and wonderful tracks in our libraries that, for one reason or another, have a great deal of personal appeal but quite limited general appeal. I thought it might be fun to share some of those tracks so here’s my first contribution …


I have no idea why I like this track so much - and am 100% sure that most of you will be less than impressed - but it works for me.

Here’s a YouTube link if you want a quick preview.


Not too bad, Try

Warning: Crude Rude, Explicit - listen at your own risk:

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I love this song! Can’t decide if the video is funnier that “Come to Daddy” or strangely more F-ed up. While “Come to daddy” is supposed to be creepy and dystopian Window licker is funnier but that makes it all the more messed up :laughing:

Ween - Mutilated Lips (Music Video)

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Yep, that’s one messed up video :slight_smile:


Yep, that’s a great album. Decidedly weird, but there are some fabulous tracks and some great contributors. I think the Lou Reed track is my favourite.