Weird issue displaying Album in (or not) Library

I have created a personal playlist in Qobuz called MyVox2023

Some of the tracks in that playlist are part of albums that are part of My Library.
Most tracks (new singles) are not.

The tracks not belonging to an album in My Library can be added to My Library by selecting them and click on the ‘Add To Library’ button.
For tracks belonging to an album, already in My Library, the ‘Add to Library’ is disabled.
So far everything fine.

Now comes the issue:
Whilst showing the tracks in the playlist, clicking on the album name, show that album NOT part of My Library for EVERY album. Also for those albums that are part of My Library.

As an example here the 2nd track of my MyVox2023 playlist:
track ‘De couleurs vives’ on the album ‘Isa’ from the artist ZAZ.

I click on the album name ‘Isa’ in the track information

The '+'sign right of the album name means I can add it to My Library.
The release infromation for this album is:

If I click on the artist ZAZ and on Discography - My Library, I see:

Here the confirmation the album already is in My Library, as per the ‘Heart’-sign

And to make sure it is the same album, the Release details:

This is really confusing, seeing albums that are not, but are indeed part of My Library.

This is one example, but it is true for all tracks in the playlist, on albums already in My Library.
So this is very repeatable and easy to test.

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