Weird Issue with Roon exclusive Tidal Masters-Audio Midi OSX

I set ROON to exclusive mode for my Focusrite interface (24/96 dac). I keep the Mac Audio Midi window open. As I switch from 16/44 files to 24/96, etc, the audio midi window shows the changes in real time (44,88,96, etc)

I close out ROON and it does let go of the DAC (system alerts will go thru speakers) but system audio settings stay at LAST track played “quality” (44,96, etc). And not go back to 24/96, if I had that chosen before opening Roon.

I then open TIDAL which is set to exclusive mode as well. Watching the Audio Midi window, nothing changes between Masters and regular selections. The audio Midi settings stay the same.

If I change TIDAL to go thru my iMac system audio (instead of DAC) and use exclusive mode, In audio Midi, the settings change as I switch from regular to Masters.

Just curious what is going on here…why cant TIDAL in exclusive mode for my DAC allow me to see the changes in Audio Midi?

I have latest TIDAL, OSX and DAC software. I’ve trashed preferences and reinstalled Tidal