Weird issues with unavailable tracks affecting one remote

Roon Core Machine

Gigabyte GA-J1900N-D3V (Celeron J1900 quadcore) with 8GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti switching (and wireless for remotes)

Connected Audio Devices

Various Chromecast and RopieeeXL

Number of Tracks in Library

~5000 FLAC plus a bunch of Tidal

Description of Issue

In the last week suddenly one of my remotes has stopped playing one local FLAC album. Naturally the one that’s broken is the tablet used by the kids (with their own profile) for the album they most listen to (Frozen Soundtrack :smile:). If I hit play on the local FLAC album I get “Tracks are not available” or something to that effect. Every other remote plays that album from local FLAC fine. I’ve rebooted both tablet and Roon server to no avail, but my roon web controller is also unable to play this album and it uses the same kids profile… so from what I can tell the kids profile is busted somehow… help?

Not a fix but put the album in a new playlist and see if it plays then.

@ged_hickman1 It’s not in a playlist at all at the moment, or do you mean just to test whether it plays as part of a playlist?

Yes just that.

Good idea, just tested. When using the Kids profile, playing the album doesn’t work (including clicking on individual tracks) but after adding the album to a playlist I can play the playlist fine (still as that Kids profile).

Hmmm short term solution for the kids.
Proper roon support will need to look at the profile issue.

You could restore a backup from before the profile lost the ability to play the album.

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Yes that might help I guess @Rugby although I’ll avoid that if I can since that’ll have a much broader impact (I’ve changed some playlists in the meantime). I assume if I delete the profile then I’ll lose listening history and favourites which would be problematic for my profile but not a major issue for theirs.

Hmm, Yes, I think so.

Have you tried, uninstalling and then re-installing Roon on the affected tablet?

@Rugby I have and it didn’t help. (In hindsight I guess it was never going to since the WebController is exhibiting the same behaviour and uses the same user profile)

Before you delete the problem profile, you should use the Tag/Playlist/History managers to transfer any tags or playlists and play history from that profile to the Shared state or a new different profile.

Thanks @Rugby that’s a good idea (especially since it seems like Roon support have no intention of providing actual support). How do I do that though? (is it an extension? I can’t find a way to export/transfer in the usual UI).

It’s in the UI. In.nit near a PC to cut pics. If you highlight a tag, for example, and click edit, it allows you to assign the owner, which can be a different profile or “shared”.

It is this way for each. Highlight , edit,. Change owner. If you add a new profile first you can then switch it to that.

Thanks Dan,

I’ve worked out how to move the tags/playlists. Can’t work out how to export the play history, but in this instance I really don’t care where/when or how often they’ve played Frozen on repeat :rofl:

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It’s the same. Highlight a track and at the top a menu bar appears on the far right is an edit button. Click that and the option to either remove or change profile of the highlighted tracks are there.

Hi James, did redoing the profile work out?

Hey Dan, yes and no. I’ve created a new profile and the album plays fine with that profile. I transferred the kids playlists and play-history too. What’s stopped me switching at the moment is that I can’t work out how to transfer the favourites. They don’t have that many that I can’t do it manually, but it’s annoying to do and so I’m trying to find a better way because I’m now expecting one of my important profiles to stuff up at some stage and clearly Roon support have no interest in assisting.

I don’t think there is a management feature for Favorites. Although, you can do so in a few steps. And you’d need to do it once at the album level, and then again on the track level.

  1. Go to the damage profile, go to Tracks, click the Fav. Highlight all, Add to a Tag called ProfileX_Fav_Tracks.

  2. Still in the same profile go to Albums, click the Fav. Highlight all, Add to a Tag called ProfileX_Fav_Albums.

  3. Using Tag Manager change the owner of the new tags to Shared.

  4. Go to the New Profile.

  5. Go to Tracks. click on the Tag Icon and bring up ProvileX_Fav_Tracks Tag. Select All. Click Heart.

  6. Go to Albums. Click on the Tag Icon and bring up ProfileX_Fav_Albums Tag. Select All. Click Heart.

You’ve should now have transferred all the Track and Album Favorites between Profiles.


That’s going to be bookmarked. :wink:


Thanks @Rugby! I’d thought of doing this with playlists but wasnt sure how albums in playlists would work so was going to test this weekend. Your way is even better :+1:

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