Weird Library stuff

Apologies, this will be a bit long. I posted before, but got no response from Roon. So I sent an email direct, still no response. I would love to get some direction on the following. Some of this repeats what I posted previously.

  1. I have Roon in 2 locations. 2 life time contracts.
  2. Pre- Roon I used meridian’s Sooloos. So all my ripped CDs (nearly 1,000) were located on QNAP NAS drive. Once ripped, a copy was made and copied to the 2nd location.
  3. End of March, at Location One, I discovered that many of my albums were no longer in my library. No, there was no back up.
  4. My installer obtained a copy of my folder from Location Two, and via Dropbox arranged for it to be copied back to Location One. I discovered that the transferred folder was in poor shape. It had duplication, unknown albums, and missing music.
  5. So now, on QNAP, in a Sooloos directory, I had Folder 1 (the original, much reduced library), Folder 2 (from Location 2, and not in great shape), and Folder 3 for New Ripped Cds (re-ripping all albums that were incomplete, lost or misnamed.
  6. Last Thursday, for no reason at all, I lost about half the albums that sat in Folder 2. Still no backup (don’t ask).
  7. My installer has now moved what is left into a Roon Music directory (not Sooloos), which seems to have a more intelligible file structure.
  8. Over the last month I have ripped 200 albums, and not all rips have been clean. Boxed sets and Classical Music are often a challenge. I have no moved from ripping from an HP computer, to ripping from a Mac Disc device, in combination with dbPowerAmp (very good for ripping).
  9. I am currently waiting for my full files to be sent over again from Location 2.
  10. If I disable ALL storage folders, I can still see albums. Admittedly a few are Tidal, but a bunch are not.
    When i expand them, i can see no track titles. I can’t delete them as delete is greyed out. I then thoiught of using a clean up of library, but I am worried that i may delete data that I actually wish to keep. I am offered by Roon to (a) clean up 2047 files that have been deleted via Roon, from teh Filesystem, or removed from a streaming service, (b) clean 6093 files that are not associated witg a strorage location, and © clean up 17510 files that are associated with disabled storage locations. It’s clear that I should not do ©, as i have just disabled all my libraries. However, i have no idea about (b), nor do i know where the storage location is to which Roon refers (unless it was the Sooloos directory).
  11. Has anyone else mysteriously lost files? At the moment i am assuming this is a QNAP thing.
  12. How does one deal with tracks that one can see, and need to be deleted (but the system, does not let you).
    Any assistance would be much appreciated. I do not wish to lose my library a third time!

Hi @Robert_Markwick,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing here?

To confirm — Can these files be found on the QNAP from outside of Roon? If they cannot, then yes, this seems like a QNAP issue or perhaps a failing drive.

Yes the same files can be found on QNAP
I have no idea what happened with the “lost” files.
My Installer is working with me, but I fear he should have put better “backup” processes in place.
Going forward I will make sure these are in place. Agree, there is a serious chance that we are dealing with a failing drive.
Meanwhile I will upload screen shots (using the link) with reference to the fact that all sources are disabled, and yet I can still see some (non Tidal) files.

the above screen shots show you:

  1. that non Tidal files are visible, even when I have disabled all folders
  2. when I try and delete the Ben Webster album (showing only two un-named tracks): not possible
  3. albums that DO have track titles (eg At Folsom Prison), Roon unable to play (unsurprising).

Hi @Robert_Markwick,

I spoke with the team about this and we are hoping you can do the following:

Please reproduce the issue once more and note the time at which the error occurs. Then respond here with that time, and we’ll enable diagnostics on your account so the team can take a look.


Thank you

I have decided to build my library again

My original library was in a Sooloos directory, and was unintelligible. When it’s in a Roon directory, it looks better. When I switched form Meridian to Sooloos, it’s a bit annoying that we did not switch library location too.

I can’t understand why we lost so much of the library. I can’t believe that it was due to human error.

I have been surprised how long it took for Roon to get back to me, which was a shame.

Losing a library is a very frustrating thing. There is plenty that I don’t understand and one needs to be able to deal with “customer service” at these points of crisis.

In comparison, I have recently been dealing with CLZ, an app that archives data re music, films, books. Their response rate is always impressive,

As a 2x lifetime subscriber I would have hoped something nearing VIP treatment!

Anyway, here’s hoping that my third rebuild is glitch-free, and that new backup processes work.

Kind regards, and thank you for reaching out,

Robert Markwick


I migrated from Sooloos to Roon … the most important factor is to make sure that Sooloos Control:PC is used to produce a native export … this will export all the music files within the Sooloos system into an human readable Artist / Album / Track folder structure.

Once the Sooloos native export has been completed, then using Roon … a watched folder should be pointed at the root of this exported folder structure.

Doing so will give Roon the best chance of identifying the album.

As an experiment I did try skipping this native export process and pointed Roon directly at the Sooloos “coded” folder structure… whilst Roon ingested the tracks identification was compromised … and I abandoned it.

In summary… if this step was not performed I strongly recommend starting again and following this process export process.

Of course if you have ripped CDs outside of Sooloos, with say dBpoweramp then those rips can be copied over to a Roon watched folder and then ingested into Roon.

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