Weird problem with a download album


First up up appears twice on this PC (W7, 64 bit) but only once on an iPad

Second, it shifts around with the info it was added yesterday, when in fact it was first downloaded weeks ago

And you can see it registers as a duplicate but I’m unable to delete it

It does not appear to be abnormal in Windows explorer and I guess I could delete it there, but I’m intrigued to know what might be going on so I can take appropriate steps if this ever occurs again.


Hi John,

Just to make sure that Roon’s not in a funny state, I’d suggest rebooting the Roon Core and also consider performing a library clean up.


Thanks Carl. Yes, there was a need for a libray cleanup (my slackness) and after that a rebooting of Roon displayed only one copy of the album on this PC. However it is still moving around on the display and now maintains it was put in the system today and deletion is still denied.
It is not a serious concern and I’m tempted to just delete it in Windows Explorer but is it a symptom of some other problem?



Hi John,

I not sure what’s happening now so I’ll tag @support to see if they can help.


Thanks Carl. It is very strange behaviour. And the album icon is still moving around and is again at the the head of the queue of recently added items.

(Mike) #6

If you open up a track on the album, and choose View File Info, what does the path say? If you look in Windows, are the files there?

Can you tell us a little more about your storage set up? Is this local storage, NAS, etc?


Windows Explorer listing looks normal:

Again, nothing looks abnormal in the track info:

The setup here is simple and staightforward. All music files are on a 8Tb Seagate Barracuda Pro as one of the 4 internal HDDs in this ASUS Z87PRO PC running Windows 7, 64 bit. LAN cabling goes to a Auralic G1 bridge -> DAC etc

The files on this album play normally and, apart from the odd cover display behaviour and refusal to delete, it appears normal. Really odd!!! No other album has ever behaved this way, not yet anyway.


I downloaded the album again, gave it a slightly different album name, but found exactly the same. It will not delete from Roon but deleted without difficulty from Windows Explorer. It appears there must be something odd coming through from the compressed file.
To date it is the only download I’ve had this problem with. I’ll see if it stays put and stops shifting around now I’ve cleaned up the library.
It is only appearing once now, I’m not really wanting to delete it, so the “problem” is only an academic puzzle now.



The behaviour of this album continues to be perplexing. Only one version shows under a “Display by date added” mode (although it incorrectly continues to shift and maintain it was downloaded today) yet under “Artist” mode two albums display.

In all cases albums cannot be deleted via Roon.


(Mike) #14

Hey @JOHN_COULSON – we unlisted this thread and edited your post, since the site you linked to is a piracy site, and artists do not get paid for music downloaded from sites that don’t properly license their music according to the law. I’m guessing you didn’t realize, but please refrain from posting this kind of content on the Community Site in the future.

As for this issue, can you try moving the Nat King Cole - A Mis Amigos folder out of your Roon watched folder completely? Do both copies disappear?

If one copy remains, can you give me a screenshot like this one of the file info for one of the tracks on the remaining copy?

If neither copy remains, just let us know. Thanks @JOHN_COULSON