Weird problem with a downloaded hi-rez file - NOW APPEARS TO HAVE FIXED ITSELF!

The Nat King Cole album “A Mis Amogos” appears twice as you can see in this screenshot

Both listings open up as in the next shot but nothing plays:

Trying to delete either of the listings ends up with this:

I went to the HDD files and using Windows Explorer (in W7 64 bit) deleted that file but it made no difference - the two listings still appear in Roon.
I reinstalled the files from a backup (1,06Gb, 15 files) but the above situation remains.
Anyone know what is going on???.

LATER: As per altered header it is now OK, appears only once and plays normally :slight_smile:
Did someone help??? Or is Roon magically able to self correct?

Thanks for letting us know @JOHN_COULSON,

We have not changed anything from our end but do let us know if this issue occurs again.