Weird, Very Specific Problem: Alternate versions of Are You Experienced, not all appearing in Roon

This “problem” may only affect me, so I’ll be as specific as I can. I have the modern CD version of Jimi Henrix’s Are You Experienced. This version has all 17 of the songs from both the North American and international versions of the original LP, which had very different songs and track orders from each other.

By copying the files and rearranging the order, I duplicated the original North American and international track order for this album. In the software I used to organize my local library, I have three versions of Are You Experienced, the CD, the North American LP, and the international LP. So far, so good.

In Roon, however, I only see two versions: the CD and the North American version. Roon isn’t detecting the international version. Before going back to my old solution, a playlist, I was wondering if there was a way to force Roon to recognize all three versions.

Hi @Paul_McElligott,

Are you able to find the version of the album you’re looking for if you search by path?

Actually, the problem is different than I thought at first. When I run Roon on the same machine that’s running Roon core, I do see the album. When I run Roon controller on other devices (laptop and iPad), it doesn’t show up.

And no, it doesn’t show up when I search by path.

Aha! (In my defense, I’m new here, so I didn’t know hidden tracks/albums were a thing until now). The missing album was actually hidden, so showing hidden albums and unhiding it solved the problem.

I am curious why the album was hidden on my iPad and laptop, but not the core machine.

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The show/hide is set on the individual client app.

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Okay. It seems like the default setting on the core machine is off and on for other devices, because I never changed it on either.

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