Weired or what!

This morning as I normally do in bed played an album via a Bluesound Pulse 2 using my MacBook 12" as a control point. As I was listening could tell the volume was getting slowly lower!, Looked at the play control on the Roon software and sure enough the volume was decreasing from 10 to 0 then playback stopped. Hit the play button, Track started playing back where it had stopped at the normal volume level. It was almost as if someone was hitting the volume down button on a remote control but the only remote set up on the Pulse was in a bedside cabinet draw out of sight. Not even sure if this post is in the correct thread. Has this happened to anybody on the forum before as it seemed strange behaviour to me.

I just had the volume on my NAD M10 go up…by itself…luckily I was right by my Android tablet as sound increased and volume slider moved to right.