Welcome Nuwriy, the newest member of Technical Support!

Hello @nuwriy, welcome on board!

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Thanks! Glad to be here!


Welcome, @nuwriy, and have a great time here! :smiley:

Hello @nuwriy and stay safe.

Hello @nuwriy. Welcome!

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Welcome @nuwriy!

Also, it would be good to be able to “see” this new face as well as others that are part of the Roon team.

What do you think @dylan ?

Let’s start to get @nuwriy added to the team
Welcome by the way.



Hi @nuwriy and welcome !

Is that icon burnt umber ? Very 70s retro.

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Indeed welcome to the mad house.

Welcome and good luck - Roon customers can be pretty demanding at times :grinning:

Hello @nuwriy and welcome. Just one thing please: how do you pronounce your name? I’d like to get it right in my head.

Welcome @nuwriy!

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Hey Brian! It’s WAY easier than it looks. You could say it like Nori, like the Japanese word for seaweed.

Thank you. I’m afraid my Japanese is a bit rusty, so I wouldn’t have got that. Anyway, it’s good to have you on board whichever way it’s pronounced.

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Welcome, @nuwriy.

It’s still not too late.

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@nuwriy Welcome to the support team from another someone outside it hahaha - your name doesn’t appear too familiar (must have been or still someone else I guess before) but I’m sure you will fit right in and know many of the troublemakers already. :point_up_2:t5: :point_down:t5: :point_right:t5: :point_left:t5: not pointing at anyone in particular :rofl:

Dont forget to do backups :wink:

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Welcome @nuwriy, hope you don’t head slap yourself too much :crazy_face:

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Welcome @nuwriy , more support is always a good thing! :slight_smile:

Hey @nuwriy

Oh support - you’ve got the tough gig. :laughing:

Welcome & enjoy!!!