Welcome screen suggestions

the opening page welcomes as Hi, USer

While theres plenty of space on that pane, I would really really like the “browse” , “library” and “user stuff” sections to be moved to that large space. Better than clicking to the left pane and choosing artists or albums instead. I believe that’s what most people do when they open their remote interface.
Maybe all of the items would make a crowded mess but 3 or 4 options that can hopefully be customizable or it can be in a way that ios handles it such as iPhone/ipad folder popup view

But of course this my humble opinion so maybe it can be optional.

But I would really prefer large icons in order to browse artists or albums or discover instead of Hi

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I quite like the use of empty space: it gives a nice and classy impression.

Have you noticed the items on the xxx albums, xxx tracks xxx artists etc. row are clickable – giving instant access to the artist, tracks and album browsers?

yes you re right, I also would not like it to be crowded filled with lots of icons…etc but a few optional wouldn’t hurt, that’s why I would like it to be optional for those who like it … and I know that lots of people ask for lots of different things and it is not possible to make them all come true… so I just make my request and if the developers think that they can create a common ground for a set of different requests, maybe they change it or make it optional…

yes I know those are links and clickable but I would prefer larger icons or custom icons such as tags… especially when using an ipad large icons or tabs are much better…for me anyway

I created a few tags and it would be great for me to put them as clickable icons at the welcome page …btw the ability to add custom images to tags would also be perfect

another UI feature request form me --> in the artist view when I click an artist a popup window on the same screen such as when you click the volume or device icon would be great… of course it should list the albus from that artist…like shortcuts… or in the album view I know you can sort by artist… but it would be must better to be able to group by artist as well

I would prefer to get rid of the “Hi…” part completely. A waste of space in my opinion especially as profiles don’t really do that much at the moment. If profiles would really be different library views then I would understand…

An option to hide that element (and also featured composer) would be a nice option

yes I totally agree I don’t like the Hi… part either

I think In general many other elements should be hideable or optional as well as the ones that don’t yet exist

something like this would be nice I think (2 minute play in Photoshop :slight_smile: )

yes much better

Now just suppose that ( I don’t have photoshop) artists tracks …etc are larger and customizable

I never use reviews and bios and images and those can already be found by using focus however I would prefer tags or playlist shortcuts

Maybe roon could let us choose 4 to 6 shourtcuts with customizable sizes and images
so maybe one would choose to use tidal, internet radio, library, artists, album, tracks, tags, lyrics, playlist or recently added… and even maybe settings
that would be great

Hmmm… To my tastes, that takes all the air out – and adds nearly nothing to the default:

I love the negative space here.

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Well it adds the featured artists to the screen without having to scroll down :innocent:
Don’t get me wrong I agree with the visual appeal but that entire element has no functionality (to me) as profiles currently don’t live up to their full potential.

I like it!