Western digital mybook live

I’m sure this has been discussed, but can a western dogital.mybook live be used in lieu of a NAS forstewrming music to the nucleus plus?

If this networked external hdd cannot, is it possible to have a desktop that is on your network act as the storage site for nucleus + to stream from?

Sprry of this has been addressed. I’m a newbie to nucleus + and roon

Description Of Issue


Hi @Adam_Gorberg,

We haven’t tested with Mybook Live drives, but we have information about WD My Cloud devices which might be similar. You can find this information here in our KB.

Thank you. That seems to have worked.

But what about using a desktop computer that is on. the network?

I have a. Desktop with music on drives that I’d like nucleus + to access in addition to the mybook live (which can only hold a fraction of my library)…

Hi @Adam_Gorberg,

Is this a Windows or Mac desktop? You’ll need to share the folder over the network (Windows Instructions | Mac Instructions) and then add it in Roon using these instructions.

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