Western Digital NAS and Roon

Hey guys,

I recently discovered roon a bit and I am flashed what it can do. I want to use my western digital NAS for this and I already checked the hardware needs, so my NAS has enough powerfor this :wink:

Unfortunately I only found installation guides for the two known NAS products, so is there a topic or something, where I can find how to install customly the roon server on my own nas? Or like a prototype of an installation guide?

That would be great :slight_smile:

Regards, Paul

It might help if you said what model nas you have.

I have the WD DL2100
12 TB (6TB Dual)

It is not up to these specs is it ?


I saw that site, but it is just saying, what is nessecary for Roon and how to install for QNAP and Synology NAS devices, but mine is a WesternDigital, so I need a different guide

This runs by Atoms processors @ 1.7Ghz and 1Gig of RAM… This will run like crap…
On top of that I dont think WD is open to install 3rd party apps, It will probably require a hack… Good ol days :stuck_out_tongue:

My recommendation… Don’t do it.

And the link I posted recommends an SSD to run the database on I don’t think your NAS has that.

So sorry your NAS is not up to it. I think the reason there are only QNAP and Synology packages available is that they are generally the only ones that have devices that are up to the job.

Your best bet is to run Roon on another computer on your network (preferably with an SSD boot drive) and point it to your music stored on the NAS you have.

There is an update to it. We can update the Ram to 5Gig.
I know, that this server would run not that fast without an ssd, but we want to try it at least :smiley:
We are using an Atom C 23 50 processor. We can put the installation file on the nas, the installation should be just updatet or configured for the Western digital. For example Plex NAS are already configured (I think from plex it self) for roon.

Eh? Link please. The Plex Media Server supports its own music library functions; I doubt very much that Plex have even heard of Roon.

sorry, that was wrong written.
Plex has a configuration for Western Digital of course