Western Digital NAS: Converting from AFP to SMB?

I currently use iTunes connecting to a WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra NAS with AFP.

I would like to get a ROCK and begin using ROON, but want to understand some of the details first. As I understand it ROCK requires connecting to a NAS with SMB. Can I simply set up an additional mount of the NAS with SMB, leaving the existing AFP mount alone? Can they coexist?

Has anyone “converted” from AFP to SMB on a WD NAS and have some details of how to go about it?



there is nothing to convert as such. AFP and SMB are just two different protocols for accessing the disc. The contents of the disc are irrelevant to the protocols.
The path to access will start with SMB rather than AFP.

eg smb://IP.OF.YOUR.NAS/Musicfolder

IMHO, it is better to get a good external USB Hard drive, WD is my preference, and keep the music local to ROCK. And use the NAS as a Backup.

Your NAS supports SMB2, so you can use it as you intend. Both AFP and SMB can coexist. I think SMB is the default share type and you need to enable AFP in network settings.

I have read that an external USB drive is recommended in that there are fewer potential problems. You’re suggesting a WD model? I was looking at the WD “My Passport” - I see it has hardware encryption, is that a feature that I would not use in a Roon application?

Do you have certain models of WD drives that you’d suggest?


I would not use hardware encryption. I like the My Passport drives. 4 GB I found online for 109.00 in Black from Newegg.