What A mess--new network--unable to connect to ROCK now

Oh boy–what a mess

will do my best to describe what I barely understand.

I replaced my Modem and have a new network.

I am unable to connect to my NUC (ROCK) via my controller (IMAC and Android phone app)

I tried to start over and uninstalled ROON and re installed but it just tells me “looking of your ROON core”

I suspect it is still on the old network that no longer exists?

Im not sure how to assure my ROCK is connected to my new network.

Any help is appreciated

OK I think I solved this.

ROCK now connected…

Have you rebooted the NUC? If so, using Roon on your iMac go to Settings > Setup and click on the blue Configure button. This should display a pop-up screen with the IP address of your NUC. Click on this and it will open the webUI of the Rock for you.

I think Im good… now connected to the NUC.

New issue now … I have started a new ticket with hopes someone can help.

Thank you

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