What about older iPads? Cannot upgrade to iOS 11

Stlll not working. Enabled Squeezebox on both Roon and iPeng. iPeng says it’s connected to music source but no library, nothing. Half the buttons in iPeng don’t respond either

F&*k it. I’m just going to buy a new iPAD!!

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Be aware that iPeng just functions as a receiver for a Squeeze stream sent from Roon Core – this was a nice asset back when Roon iOS did not support local playback. It reports itself to Roon as a Squeezebox for playback. All other operations (zone & music selection) need to take place on a Roon Remote (any remote).

That said – the current ‘basic’ 2018 iPad is a great buy at $329 and makes for a great remote. If you can spare the bucks, you won’t regret it.

Why does it need to be an iPad? Is Android such a dirty word? :joy: