What about Roon to go?

I hope that the guys & girls from Roon Labs will watch this video: https://youtu.be/EBQXdMa3zoY and might get some inspiration (maybe call it Roon to go?)


This is EXACTLY what I want Roon to be able to do!! Please :wink:


The app he describes has existed for years. It is called iTunes.

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Which is fine if you have an iPhone

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I like this solution, it makes sense, however, it is a bunch of screwing around to try to do something that Roon should be able to do. I’ve given up trying to do it and use Tidal on the move and Roon at home. What a wonderful thing it would be if I could just use Roon at home, in the car or on the train! For all Roon’s benefits, there are some shortcomings and this is one.


But iTunes won’t natively play FLAC files. I don’t want to covert everything from FLAC to ALAC. Does this PLEX set up allow you to download and play FLAC files? Thanks in advance for any help!

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I’ve just installed Plex Amp. It’s a superb player!

I have my Roon library on an internal SSD in my Nucleus, but keep a backup of my library on my Plex Server. I can now stream my own library through Plex Amp. Superb!

C’mon Roon! We know you can produce something similar!? :smiley:


One thought is the high proportion of issues logged on here that are down to network issues. That’s just for home networking. Unless a mobile application is pretty bullet proof…

No it won’t and this is why I left iTunes behind (even though it is not a big hassle, it is an extra step).

My input in this thread was entirely based on what John said in the video, which was something along the lines of “imagine if there was an app that could sync your offline files with the cloud so you can have them on the go”. And that has been iTunes for years now. Just thought it was funny, as he for sure is aware of how iTunes works.

Hey Martin, are you referring to “iTunes Match”? Which uploads a copy of your iTunes Library to the cloud for use on the go? I have it, but it compresses all my wav & alac to smaller files before uploading, I believe. In the video John said he could down load FLAC files to his Android phone through Plexamp, which would be great to have FLAC on the iPhone, but I guess that’s never gonna happen.

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Yes, exactly, that was the functionality I was thinking about.

I have to say Darko managed to find the most convoluted way to play 5 albums I have ever seen. I have used plex for years, but ultimately if I want quick access to a few albums, iphone storage will do. And word on the street is android can also store and play music.


That did cross my mind too, all for the sake of a handful of titles that weren’t available on streaming platforms.

I agree, my OTG solution only manages 320 MP3 but it’s served me well for 15 years, all my music ready to move:

Apologies for the poor quality image, I must be in the running for the forum’s worst photographer…

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My problem with John’s offline-what-I-want-to-listen-to solution is that I don’t always know what I’m going to want to listen to especially if I’m about to go on a long plane or train journey so I keep all of my music on my phone.

What I’d really like to see from Roon is an Android and iOS implementation of a Roon micro server with pretty much everything stripped out apart from the ability to search and to browse a local library by track/artist/album/playlist/etc - and play stuff obviously. This micro server could then slave itself to the main Roon server while at home and be able to synchronise its content on the phone with the content on the main Roon server, ideally with the ability to transcode on the fly as files are downloaded. That way I could get my whole music collection onto my phone which is what I do at the moment.

For people who might have far too big a music collection the master server could maintain a sync/don’t-sync flag for tracks that could be explicitly set at album/artist/track/playlist level and a “sync-all” setting for people like me who want to sync everything which would set the sync flag on every track physically stored in the music library. I say “physically stored” because I assume albums in the library that are from Tidal or Qobuz couldn’t be synced to the Roon micro server although maybe the streaming link could be copied so when on the move the user could still stream them directly from the associated streaming service, possibly with Roon giving a warning beforehand that it was about to start using mobile data to stream.

The above would be my perfect solution.


I hope not and that Roon on the go is better. I don’t understand why in Plexamp you have to switch your library from Plex to Tidal it can’t search or access both you have to choose. You can in the main Plex app but it’s search is a mess and give you so much crap you don’t want. Also it has no DAC support apart from Windows which is a real oversight.

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Search works across both for me. Results aren’t blended like in Roon though. And wow, search results are lightning fast in Plexamp.

Looks like they updated the search. As last time I used it, it only looked at what you had as a source. So that’s an improvement. Yes it’s lightning fast. Something Roon seem to not be able to do.

One thing it can’t do is MQA though so no hires playback from Tidal.

would love to have that option!!! it will really change things for me, I hate remasters and streaming is ALL about remastered versions…

For what it is worth you don’t need plex amp and it therefore follows plex pass, the plex app work just fine for on the go music .