What About the Australian and New Zealand Markets?

Roon is obviously looking to grow and has two great new products, saying that why have you forgotten about the Australia/New Zealand market as I cannot find anywhere in either country (I’m in New Zealand) where I can buy the Nucleus One or the Nucleus Titan?

i am very much into technology and love Roon but am an early adopter so find it very frustrating when companies forget about no so little old Australasia.


Hey Greg Links to a couple of sites in Australia. Addicted to Audio also has a NZ Store. Hope this helps.

(Roon Labs – Addicted To Audio)

I am already aware of those stores but if you check the links they sell the old Roon devices not the “One” or the “Titan” which is what my question was asking about. I actually have spoken to the guys at Addicted to Audio who said to me that there is no importer of Roon products in New Zealand anymore i am simply asking why not.

I would have thought that if you spoke to Addicted to Audio, you may have asked them why that is, as well. Then if you get an answer from Roon you can compare the answers.

I’ve moved your question from the long thread where you originally posted into a topic of its own in the Feedback category. Roon Labs read all posts in this category, so you’re more likely to get a response from them here (though it’s not guaranteed).

As far as I know the One and the Titan are as of yet only sold in US and e.g. not in Europe, either

I saw a report that Roon Labs were planning for the end of Q3 for shipping to Europe. Don’t know about the ROW, though.