What about updates for a ROCK as a bridge?

I just installed one NUC with ROCK as CORE and one with ROCK as a BRIDGE to my DAC.
The CORE is visible in the About section, and I can select how updates will be hendeled, but the BRIDGE is just visible in the Audio section, where I can enable different outputs.
I know I can update it via its webpage, but how do I know when an update is available? Does it auto upgrade?

/Regards, Evert

I thought it did when I used one but it doesn’t, as it’s just the audio it doesn’t really matter as the RAAT side doesn’t really change and the core isn’t activated so that isn’t of need of updating. The os will update when you restart it if one’s available. I think only your core and Roon bridges connect o the core update automatically.

You could always put Windows on the NUC and install Roon Brigde. Not really what you want I assume :sunglasses:

Yes I know… thought about it… might change it to Windows… Perhaps it could also be utilized as a media player for the TV (Plex client)?

Why? keep it as Rock it’s a much more stable
Platform for audio than windows I used mine for 4 years not a single issue with it. I just don’t need that zone any more so it’s not in use, but I still have it for when I do.


Temporarily logoff your Core machine. Log on to your endpoint as Core.

Either set that endpoint to update automatically or update manually while you have it set as Core. Based on your post, I just set my endpoint to update automatically, something I don’t do with Core. So. I’m presuming that ROCK as endpoint will also update automatically. I’ll find out next time around.

Because you are running ROCK as a Bridge, you should (if you don’t update automatically) manually update your ROCK endpoint every time that ROCK Core needs to be updated. In fact, with the jump from V1.x to V2.0, one would have had to do this.

When done, go back to your customary ROCK Core.

I agree but if you want a compact Renderer as opposed to a Roon specific renderer then with a NUC with Windows you have the option of running any software. Audio or Video !

I started out in this “game” with a desktop as my server and a cheap i3 Windows laptop as a renderer running JRiver to both Hi Fi and TV it has it’s merits as long as you are not in the “Anti Windows” school.

As a MS Developer I had no choice but to live with Windows but to be honest I have never had any problems with Windows even from 3.1 (Yes I am that old :smiling_imp:)!!. I even ran Millennium for a while which was claimed as the most problematic,.

With the release of 1202, I can answer this question definitively.

Set your ROCK endpoint to update automatically. When you see that there is a new release, log onto the Web GUI for the endpoint and ‘Restart’ Roon Server Software.