What am doing wrong as I search?

I have a feeling I’m missing something basic.
If I’m in the Tidal section of Roon and click on credits for an album. And then I click on the name of the label (or anything that is a clickable tag), Roon takes me to only the few records from that label in my own library (all Tidal at this point). How can I ask it to search thru all of Tidal?
For example if I wanted to see all Blue Note records.

I think Roon can only search those items that have been added to your library, that’s where the power of the software shines. So, searching for Blue Note records, will only give you the results for the ones you already have added into Roon’s library not Tidal’s library. Tidal is still separate from Roon until you add the album.

It’s like looking at all your CD’s on a shelf or in a box. You can look it em and pick what you want (unless you’ve memorized every credit on the album), but until you put them in your computer and let Roon sort them, there not much use.

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Hi Shawn, Thanks for your response. If I click on Tidal (under the browse category) and search for John Coltrane, Roon first shows me what’s in my library, then underneath it shows me all 143 “Main Albums”. So it can search thru Tidal for sure.
But I picked one album, clicked on Prestige under credits and it took me back to my library only. A tag is a tag isn’t it? What difference is there between artist and label? I’m asking because I have no earthly idea. You are talking to a person who used to have an iTunes library with many missing album covers!

Sort of. Roon is built around your library. When you add an album (local files or TIDAL) all the associated metadata is added to your library. You might get new performers from the people features in the credits, new genres, a new label in Focus, etc – once this information is in your library, you can easily browse through all the connections, and Roon will learn about your tastes and make recommendations through features like Discover and Radio.

When you search, you can also find TIDAL content to bring into your library, but the deeply interconnected nature of the music in your library won’t extend to TIDAL content – those searches are based on more traditional information like artist, album, and track names.

First and foremost, Roon is about your music and your library. Over time, we do plan to expand our feature set for browsing music you haven’t yet added to your library, and our forthcoming 1.3 release will have some browsing options in that vein. In the future, we hope to extend features like Radio and Discover to include content not yet in your library but for now note that most links are designed to help you explore your library.

All of that said, being able to explore all the music released on Blue Note would be very cool, and if there isn’t a Feature Request for that functionality already, I would encourage you to create one. Thanks for the question!

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Thanks for the explanation Mike!