What am I doing wrong? [Resolved]

First try at using ropieee so bear with me.:grinning:
I have a pi 3 with a hifiberry dac hat and have been using the hifiberry image and that continues to work fine.
I downloaded the latest image this evening and burned as per the ropieee website instructions. I boot the pi and can connect using /local and add the hat.
I then never see the device again and it dissapears off the network (this is whether the hat is installed or not) if I put the original hifiberry image in then it boots and appears in roon.
I’ve burned three different cards 2gb and 8gb.
Any ideas?

When you first boot after burning the image how long do you wait? I takes 10 to 15 minutes to do all its stuff and reboots several times. I suggest going away for a while, have a cup of tea, or a beer :grinning: Before continuing.

Hi Ged,

Welcome on board!

As you’re able to go to the webpage of RoPieee it suggests that the install is finished. You can also see this by looking at the green led: it should pulse regularly with a ‘heartbeat’ of 1 second. If it’s pulsing at higher speed than RoPieee is still installing.

Which HAT do you have?

It’s the HAT that’s the problem. It’s a mamboberry LS which, ironically, works fine with the official hifiberry build but ropieee is fussier.
Works with the HAT off so next step for me is to decide whether to go external DAC or a supported HAT.

Thanks for the help,

Ok… but that HAT is not supported by RoPieee. So I’m curious: which HAT do you select then in the interface?

I selected Hifiberry as that is what the mamboberry team recommended and it works with the official hifiberry build. I will just have to buy a supported HAT for this ropieee Pi and use the mamboberry on another.

I wanted to use ropieee for the touchscreen so will just have to wait a bit longer.:slight_smile:



I’ve read into the documentation (although extremely limited) but indeed it says it will work with the hifiberry overlay. Are you sure you selected the ‘Hifiberry DAC’ in RoPieee? And not one of the other Hifiberry’s?

wrt the touchscreen: you could try out the beta build from here: http://image.ropieee.org/ropieee-beta-20170712.img

Yes I picked the right one. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the beta link, I will have to wait until I get a new HAT or link up my spdif converter externally.

Thanks for all the help


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I am now running the Pi without the hat and using a USB to spdif convertor and it now boots up and is seen in roon! Marvellous.
I am using the beta link you sent me.
However, the screen bit isn’t working. It’s working fine as a terminal screen to show the linux commands scrolling past and is now saying RoPieee RUNNING but isn’t working as a roon screen.
Sorry about all of this but have I missed a step? I went into ropieee.local and entered the name of the roon zone to control and rebooted but that doesn’t seem to have made any difference.
Next steps?

cheers and humble apologies

Have you authorised the extension in roon?

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Did a couple of reflashes and a few reboots to clear a NTPD failure and it is all working now.
Thanks very much :slight_smile:

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Bought an Allo BOSS DAC to replace the external spdif/DAC chain and is all working fine. I haven’t reflashed since I started with a beta link I was sent so I will need to move to the release build at some point I suppose.
Other than that it sounds great and my other half can now press the stop button before she puts on a CD :slight_smile: .

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The latest web page has functionality to switch to a different release channel (stable) when you want.
Right now it doesn’t make a difference.

In a few days I hope to release the touchscreen support to stable, so at that point it might be a good idea to switch.


Fantastic. Thank you so much.