What are some of the equipment where Roon has full control on

I have been trying out a couple of products since I started on Roon. Some devices sounds better while some have better functionality(convenience). Wanting to get best of both world I am wondering if there are certain function lacking on my current amp is this something that roon can overcome.

For example, I have tried Boulder amp as well as the naim nova, where I am able to switch the amp on(or off) via the roon app, which is a function that I really enjoy but on the goldnote is-1000, I am not able to switch off the amp and have to revert to the physical remote of the amp itself. It’s not a big deal but the ideal of an all in one integrated amp on a roon subscription is basically about having the quality and convenience at your finger tips.

I wondered if anyone knows if this can be overcome on my goldnote amp, something like a possible feature request on roon or there is simply no way around this.

…are you on the latest firmware?
If so, then rather a feature request to the manufacturer to implement with new firmware, I would say!

Yes I am on the latest firmware but it does allow roon to switch the amp off.