What are the minimum iPad requirements

I am using an intel NUC i7 and an old iPad Air. It has 32MB storage. I am using a Google Mesh system in my home so I am within 20 ft of the pod. My iPad crashed fairly frequently and I am thinking it may be because my iPad may not be up to the task.

I am posting this topic because the last time I see this was asked was 2019 so things may have changed since. Can anyone advise?


I am also using an old iPad Air and am having an issue where the Roon app crashes on launch. If I try it repeatedly, it sometimes connects, but other times a reboot is needed.

I wish I knew how to fix this.

From the App Store anything that runs iOS/iPadOS 11.0 or later should be ok

I’m wondering if I am asking the wrong question. My iPad is using ios version 12.5+. But maybe my ipad is old and even though I can load up the newer ios it struggles with high demand apps. Is that possible? I dont really know how old my iPad is but I would say about 8 years old…

I think other folks are having problems with their iPads as well, and some of them are brand new. I know I am, but my iPad is old.

If this behavior had occurred when I was demoing the software, I never would have bought it (along with the nucleus).

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