What are the Roon guys beavering away at currently?

Okay I know we can’t talk definitive roadmaps / timelines etc. but nonetheless I’m wondering what we are most likely to see in the next upgrade.

1.3. and ROCK were big hitters but seem to centre on Roon as an audio transport rather than as a music library. (Generalisation I know, tags, compositions etc.) I’m hoping that balance is, well, rebalanced with some of the items promised like the radio algorithm and more focus options (a history focus please).

If you do a search of “on roadmap” a long list comes up. Any chance of a signpost for the first few stops on the long and winding road?

I’m a happy Roon lifer (x2) but every now and again I like to have the carrot of something new to look forward to.



Logical step forward for you is to get the Nucleus i7 :wink:

Welll now I know what they where were beavering away on, Devialet integration, and a great job done by all accounts.