What are the true recommended specs?

My core is QNAP TS-253D. The storage is SSD recommended by roon labs, but the CPU is celeron. However, it didn’t frustrate me at all, and after all that, I’m comfortable with ARC now. I can’t let go. By the way, what kind of performance is specifically required for “core i3 or higher” recommended by roon labs?

Have you’ve read this KB article?

Your system might work underspec’d, but if you have any trouble the first thing support is going to tell you is that it is underspec’d.

The minimum recommended processor is a dual core 5th generation I3 with a U suffix. If your chosen processor benchmarks better than that (and pretty much all recent Celeron chips do) then you shouldn’t see too many problems so long as your library isn’t too big and you have no aspiration to apply DSP in a significant way. However, you are outside Roon’s minimum spec and they do not have an obligation to offer support.

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