What are these check marks and how do I remove them?

See the screenshot. What are these random check marks next to the song title? How do I uncheck these songs? The check mark button, as far as I can tell does nothing.

Please advise.

These are the album picks (best tracks), and determined by the reviewer. You may edit the track to remove them.

If you select the check mark that you have pointed to (in your screen print) with ‘?’ and click ‘Play Now’ or any other options associated with that button, then only those tracks that have a check mark will be added to the queue.

It’s a quick way to play the best tracks, according to reviews, of the album.


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Like the others have said:

If you don’t use them as a selection option, they can be ignored or removed. They can be useful on tracks when wanting to have a quick check of an artist as they usually are applied to the best known songs.

On albums they exist too and signify particularly well reviewed or seminal albums. I often edit them and use them for what’s seminal in my view, as an additional semantic category in addition to ratings and hearts. E.g., albums that are historically important, regardless of how high I rate them (which is what I use stars for). Or if an artist has a lot of releases, like Dylan, I mark out the most important ones with the pick (as the default picks often do anyway.)

Picks are an additional option in Focus, so this can be used to add this conditions to queries

Roon pick check marks get in the way of the music for me. They’re someone else’s opinion and a distraction.

I end up thinking - what makes this song better than that one?

You end up being overly critical, and gravitating towards ‘the best’, instead of experiencing the music for what it is, and finding enjoyment in what does it for you. My boy is always asking ‘what’s the IMDB rating’ before he’s ok with watching a movie. Didn’t a Black Mirror episode show a dystopian future where peoples’ personal ratings overlayed on them IRL . Rating info is a terrible thing when I don’t need it, and I wish I could make it go away.


Not my experience at all, I just ignore them like I ignore most things I have no interest in, doesn’t offend me to see somebody else prefers certain songs over others much like negative reviews of albums I like doesn’t bother me either. Far worse things wrong in the world than seeing a tick mark next to a song. If they offend you remove them as described above.

Remove them one by one with 50K albums? Right. The issue is the unplanned impact of showing publicized, quantitative acceptance, which may not impact an individual at all (congratulations!), but is more obvious at the social group level. Whether it’s for taxi rides, house stays, people likes or music ratings, it affects how we think about things, it can create anxieties, and it changes our behaviours. Roon once made a massive assumption we all want to see editorial information all the time alongside the music, and that’s just not true. The solution is being able to hide ticks and all editorial content globally.

I think that was my original question. How do you remove these. When I play an album, it seems that Roon selects a favorite list instead of the entire album. I do not want these or this as an option. I typically like to listen to the album as the artist intended. If there happens to be a song that I loathe, I’ll just delete it from my library. I would have followed up on this last year, but a medical condition intruded and Roon became an after thought.

I still would like to know the procedure for removing these check marks as I am looking to restart digitizing my entire library.

Hmmm what do you mean? If you select an album, it should play the complete album in original order, as long as all tracks are available.

Not my experience, it seems that Roon plays whatever is check marked. And that was the genesis for my original question. How do I turn that feature off?

It is great that these check marked selections are some experts take on the best tracks for that album. However, what I like and what they like are often not the same. So I find these check marked selections to be an annoyance rather than a feature.

Well, something is seriously amiss with your Roon install/software if you are trying to play an album and it only plays the “picks.”

You say “it seems”… are you watching the album detail page/screen when you click the “play” button for that album? What happens?

Are you actually seeing that it skips non-checkmarked songs and only plays the checkmarked ones?

If you have the focus to show picks only on it will otherwise it will play any album as normal and it is not standard behaviour.