What are these numbers

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Does anyone know what these numbers are on the second column in from the right Can I get rid of them? Also what are the ticks![image|375x500](upload://2d6L2XeE0QYdmjd7G4MutM1E2fu.jpeg) on some tracks eg Tears Of Rage Can they be gotten rid of Might have asked that before Thanks Ray

Those numbers represent how many times the track was played. I’m not sure if they can be hidden.

I don’t believe there is a way to hide play numbers.

The ticks or checks indicate Picks (default is selections favoured by critics) and can be edited as set out below:

I do
That is whoTF cares
In relation to the music I listen to I know more about it than allmusic tidal and Spotify put together
So I don’t need their ticks and I don’t want any unnecessary visuals

Some people are beyond being better😀
But thanks for the replies
I think I did ask about the ticks before
Another reason to never get old😀